About NingYo Geotextile

Welcome! NingYo Geotextile basically supply two kinds of geotextiles, woven geotextile and non-woven.

NingYo woven geotextile is a planar textile structure produced by interlacing two or more sets of strands at right angles. There are two types of strands: slit films, which are flat; and monofilaments, which are round. Woven slit-film geotextiles are generally preferred for applications where high strength properties are needed and filtration requirements are less critical. These fabrics reduce localized shear failure in weak subsoil conditions and aid construction over soft subsoils. Woven monofilament geotextiles are preferred for applications where both strength and filtration are a concern, such as shoreline rip rap applications. Our non-woven geotextiles resemble felt and provide planar water flow. They are commonly known as filter fabrics, although woven monofilament geotextiles can also be referred to as filter fabrics.

NingYo also supplies Geotextile-related materials such as fabrics formed into fabrics, mats, webs, nets, grids, or geosynthetics. We export geosynthetic products from geotextile fabric to high-strength reinforcing geogrids or geotextile related products. Send email now!